The Easiest Hard Thing I’ve Ever Done

Continuing yesterday’s theme, lets talk about NSNG and why I made the leap.

First and most obvious, I have lived my life under the wing of my brother. SO many of my favorite things came at his suggestion- my love of Stephen King.  My love of reading in general.  Half the music I listened to through high school and college.  My first Kindle.  My second Kindle.  So many things all came at some level on the basis of an introduction from my brother.  I hope he doesn’t read this cuz it would NOT be good for his ego…

But more importantly, as he continued to proselytize the benefits of NSNG, I realized it was just a full application of something I’d long suspected about food in general- we are damaging ourselves at the hands of so many laboratory generated foods instead of just eating that which God put before us.  I have long loved to cook and did a pretty decent job of cooking from scratch, but there was still a fair bit of processed food in my Standard American Diet (SAD) because working full time and commuting 50 miles a day means getting home late and taking short cuts to get dinner on the table at a reasonable hour or tossing some toaster waffles in and calling it breakfast because, after all, breakfast IS the most important meal of the day and it’s more important to eat than the specifics of WHAT to eat right? Or maybe not.

Between my brother’s relentlessness, the puzzle pieces falling into place with “eat real food” and some more reading, everything just made sense.  We evolved eating real food,  meat when available and as much of it as possible during those times, plants to supplement the meat. Fresh and seasonal always. And any time I can eat bacon and cheese without guilt, well, I’m in.

So I read a lot. And I started reading labels on everything. Boy howdy the places manufacturers shove sugar into food. I still haven’t gotten anyone to tell me why I need sugar in my salad dressing.  Or vitamins.  Seriously. WHY???  (It turns out when we started stripping fat from our diet, food manufacturers found need to replace the fat with something in order for the food to, you know, actually taste like something, so sugar was the go to.  And when people started suspecting sugar was a problem, well, the manufacturers started calling it by dozens of other names, but in the end, it’s all still sugar and your liver doesn’t care what form it takes, it all causes a blood sugar response.

It turns out that blood sugar response was exactly the thing that I needed to control to put the last of the puzzle pieces together to form the pretty picture. What started out as “Sure I could stand to lose a few pounds” turned into so much more for me.  Two of the hallmarks of PCOS are insulin resistance and low level inflammation.  Eliminating sugars and grains from my diet has allowed me to gain control over those symptoms and reverse some of the effects.  All while feeling more satisfied with my food than ever before.

I won’t lie, breaking up with these foods was not easy. There were a few days of feeling like dog meat (probably an electrolyte imbalance, I’ve since learned. I needed more salt, magnesium and potassium to minimize this effect.  Luckily I LOVE avocados and they are a great source of the last two. And really the first cuz a little salt on ’em makes them all the tastier), and at first it was hard to pass on things that I loved (cupcakes.  Lunch out with co-workers because they wanted Noodle & Company or some such place that wasn’t particularly NSNG friendly. Cupcakes), but the weight loss at the beginning was significant enough to make it a little easier to keep mind over matter.  And I was far from perfect.  If I could get through 6 days without caving to something, the 7th was OK to have the forbidden foods. Not all day, maybe just a treat for breakfast (Ham and Swiss croissant from the local bakery or garlic bread from our favorite restaurant? YES PLEASE!) but it didn’t take long for me to notice those little cheats which seemed like the key to keeping me honest, actually came at a price- my joints swelling noticeably and very quickly (like by the time we left the restaurant) and an increase in cravings the next day or two, which made me fight like day 1 all over again.  So in time it’s gotten easier to walk away.  Losing 45lbs in 8 months time is also great incentive! And bacon.  Bacon makes all things possible, amiright?

Now?  I was recently complimented on my willpower. I actually laughed.  There is no willpower involved anymore.  I love real food.  I am not afraid to live a little and eat a little something here or there that isn’t NSNG compliant, but I don’t enjoy those things enough to over do them.  So many of the things I used to eat are no longer even remotely appealing. Couldn’t tell you the last time I “treated” myself to a soda- it is no longer a treat to me.  Frosting (my biggest weakness was cupcakes) is just plain gross.  Cake, well, I might have a nibble, but a couple of bites satisfies any craving I might have and more than that just stops tasting good.  I’m not the least bit shy about asking for a veggie substitution for fries  and burgers taste better without the bun or standard puddle of ketchup.  But lets don’t be shy with the bacon or cheese, shall we? For once I finally have control of my diet instead of my diet controlling me.  No more Hangry.  Sometimes I skip meals because I won’t eat for the sake of eating. Eating is something one does when hungry and only until full.  Snacking rarely happens but if it does, it’s usually a few nuts or some cheese and/or sausage.  I feel good in my skin for the first time in many many years and I’ve been told more than once that projects in virtually aspect of life.  So those first couple of weeks of “pain” were totally worth months of positive gains from healing myself from the inside. Turns out maybe losing weight is easy once you find your why.

What to read more? This is a pretty good read on the basics of Low Carb/High Fat eating for health.  Another day we’ll talk about the actual food.

Have you ever done something so genius

That you forget you’ve done it, but once you see it again you feel like the smartest woman in the world?

A little over a year ago I got this bad boy off the needles


But the buttons were completely wrong.  I knew this, but I needed to add the buttons in order to finish the sweater so that I could turn it in for full points in my Harry Potter Knit and Crochet House Cup game on Ravelry.   And I knew in less than a month I’d be at YarnCon where I’d see my friend Lindy and be able to pick up some of her amazing, reclaimed wood buttons.  Seriously folks, if you knit (or sew), you NEED to check out Balwen Woodworks…  her work is AMAZING and has completed several of my knits in fine style.

So lets skip from mid-March when I finished the sweater with clearly the wrong buttons (even though I LOVE them. They’re Jenny the Potter, who also makes amazing buttons and pottery. Favorite yarn bowl EVER, but they weren’t the right buttons for this sweater!) to April, when I bought the right buttons for the sweater.  8 of them. But the sweater only required 7.  Which leads to the inevitable lost spare, right?

Nope. Not this time. Because I am a fucking genius! I did this.


That’s right…  I sewed the extra button to the inside of the sweater, on the pocket lining so there’s no stitching or oddness showing through to the front of the sweater, but that little button shall forever be right where I need it if I lose one! Attached to the sweater waiting to be called into action. Because if I’ve learned anything from buying from small (fabulous) craft-businesses, its that you better grab what you love when you see it because it might not ever be there again.  And when buying unique buttons made from re-claimed wood, don’t assume the same wood will ever come up for reclaiming again.  I’ve also learned that if I don’t put the button someplace smart, like stitching it to the inside of the sweater it’s mated to, I will lose it hopelessly and forever (a lesson learned the hard way, believe me!)

But of course I had completely forgotten this bit of genius until I pulled the sweater out of the closet this morning to wear with a grown up outfit.  And there it was. Reminding me that sometimes I can be pretty darn smart.

Now, go forth and buy amazing buttons from Lindy and Jenny because it’s the right thing to do!

Fresh Start

New year, new blog, new voice.  That’s the theme I’m going with.  Because shit went seriously sideways in 2016 and I’m still reeling from the aftermath.

A bit of background- I make stuff.  Mostly using sticks and string, but I also make the string.  And sometimes I like to dye stuff.  Or sew stuff. Or do the science and turn water, lye and fats into soap.  Or wire and beads into useful tools for making stuff with sticks and string.  So I make stuff. A lot.  Because in addition to making stuff, I suffer from an inability to sit still and my focus is sketchy if my hands aren’t kept busy. So I channel that into socks, sweaters, scarves, whatever the mood strikes me to make. But I’m always making things. My hubby likes to tell me I’d make a great hippy, but…

The but is the rub (but… rub… BUTT RUB! HA! I kill me. But also I digress).  Cuz while I love to make stuff and be self sufficient,  I also tend conservative politically.  It used to be this just made me an odd duck, to be scoffed at but generally tolerated as long as I kept my mouth shut most of the time.  The 2016 Presidential Election changed things.  Instead of odd duck, I seem to have officially graduated to pariah.   Which makes it really hard to be friends with my friends.

SO basically we get here because I’m sick of sticking to “safe” subjects.  No where in my crafting life (which has expanded to cover most forms of social media at this point since many of my knitting and spinning friends are not local to me) do I have the freedom to say whatever is on my mind no matter the subject.  So it was time for a new blog. Where I have no followers with reason to flounce out if I wanted onto a topic they dislike. This one’s just for me. If someone reads it, great, if not, whatev. I’m finding ME again and that’s all that matters. This is my shout into the void. If you read it, say hey!