I do stuff. A lot of stuff. All the time.

Tonight after work I had to hit Trader Joes for a couple of things (that they were out of, of course, but it’s Trader Joes so I bought other stuff) and got stuck in some horrid traffic on the way home. And couldn’t sit still while stuck in traffic.  Kicked myself the whole time I was sitting in traffic because this is the ONE TIME I broke Priscilla’s Rule #5 (never leave home without something to knit and something to read). Well technically I didn’t break it completely, I had my Kindle, but the knitting I left on my desk on the way out of the office because what the heck, I’m just stopping at the store and driving home and I have more knitting at home so this was good and logical.  IDIOT.

But I digress…  Once I got home (very late) it became a mad scramble to do all the things. Quesadilla Casserole from Anna Vocino’s Eat Happy  was on the menu but of course I’d done no prep ahead of time so it was brown the meat, chop the peppers and onions, get those cooking, while also making a wrap for MrMe’s lunch, add the mushrooms, remember to stir, finish assembling, get the casserole in the oven, empty the dishwasher, load the dishwasher, wipe down the counters, clean the sink, BREATH… Oh YEAH… Breath.  That was the part I was missing.  But the breathing led me to an epiphany…  Spinning is just about the only time I think I ever really mono-task.  Multi-tasking I’m good at, or at least very used to, but rarely do I do just one thing.

I’m not good at one thing. My brain doesn’t seem to function well when I try to do things in a linear fashion.  My body doesn’t always want to keep up with my brain, but there we are, constantly DOING.  But when I sit at the spinning wheel, somehow I am able to block out all the noise and just spin.  Perhaps because spinning itself requires multi-tasking (treadle with the feet, draft with the hands, control the twist, feed the fiber to the wheel, pay attention to the consistency of all the things) that makes it the one thing I can do by itself.  And in that single task, there is bliss. Oh what a relief it must be to do things one at a time! But alas that is not me, except at the wheel.  Where life is almost always good.

Have you ever done something so genius

That you forget you’ve done it, but once you see it again you feel like the smartest woman in the world?

A little over a year ago I got this bad boy off the needles


But the buttons were completely wrong.  I knew this, but I needed to add the buttons in order to finish the sweater so that I could turn it in for full points in my Harry Potter Knit and Crochet House Cup game on Ravelry.   And I knew in less than a month I’d be at YarnCon where I’d see my friend Lindy and be able to pick up some of her amazing, reclaimed wood buttons.  Seriously folks, if you knit (or sew), you NEED to check out Balwen Woodworks…  her work is AMAZING and has completed several of my knits in fine style.

So lets skip from mid-March when I finished the sweater with clearly the wrong buttons (even though I LOVE them. They’re Jenny the Potter, who also makes amazing buttons and pottery. Favorite yarn bowl EVER, but they weren’t the right buttons for this sweater!) to April, when I bought the right buttons for the sweater.  8 of them. But the sweater only required 7.  Which leads to the inevitable lost spare, right?

Nope. Not this time. Because I am a fucking genius! I did this.


That’s right…  I sewed the extra button to the inside of the sweater, on the pocket lining so there’s no stitching or oddness showing through to the front of the sweater, but that little button shall forever be right where I need it if I lose one! Attached to the sweater waiting to be called into action. Because if I’ve learned anything from buying from small (fabulous) craft-businesses, its that you better grab what you love when you see it because it might not ever be there again.  And when buying unique buttons made from re-claimed wood, don’t assume the same wood will ever come up for reclaiming again.  I’ve also learned that if I don’t put the button someplace smart, like stitching it to the inside of the sweater it’s mated to, I will lose it hopelessly and forever (a lesson learned the hard way, believe me!)

But of course I had completely forgotten this bit of genius until I pulled the sweater out of the closet this morning to wear with a grown up outfit.  And there it was. Reminding me that sometimes I can be pretty darn smart.

Now, go forth and buy amazing buttons from Lindy and Jenny because it’s the right thing to do!